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Career Orientation

We understand how intimidating and sometimes scary it can be to begin an IT Career. That is why our team is committed to working with individuals who are interested in taking advantage of the vast opportunities that an IT career can present to them.

Through our programs and activities, we orientate individuals who are starting or considering starting an IT Career on what direction will best suit their interests and capabilities. We also commit to mentoring the people we train and work with as they grow in their careers.

We are committed to creating a community of dedicated IT professionals who are focused and serious about becoming the best they can be in their respective fields and in turn committed to helping us create a better, more efficient world.

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” So far, I enjoy how elaborate the JoinIT team has been with every student. They are patient and want to ensure that every individual…” Read On

James Tobah

“I enjoy working with computers, and from the first week of class I learned the structure of computers from hardware to software…” Read On

Solomon Nfor

“The teaching and learning method that works best for me is hands-on which I’m happy because it is exactly what you are offering…” Read On

Linette Ndansak

“With support and guidance from JoinIT Solutions, I was able to succeed in my MCSA Exam at the very first attempt. So what are you waiting for…” Read On

Jaivis T. Sama

About us

JOINIT Solutions LLC is an IT Consultancy specialized in bridging the IT Gap by supporting individuals in starting or developing a career in IT and offering advanced IT services that enable organizations and small businesses to transform their operations through innovative IT solutions.


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