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IT Training

IT training is at the core of the work we do because we understand that IT has changed and continues to change everything around us – from the way we work, to the way we live. It is getting impossible to do anything or find any job nowadays that does not require some basic knowledge of IT management. At every level, every Organization, including governments, are using IT to operate better and to provide better experiences to their customers.

Through our Training programs, we accompany Professionals who are interested in starting or developing an IT career at any level with highly marketable skills guaranteed to equip them with everything they need to become professionally certified, highly employable or ready to kick-start their own venture.

With the knowledge in the bag, we continue the professional’s journey with a rigorous 1 on 1 mentorship and coaching program which includes guidance on job search, real life application practice and interview prep as we prepare them for their eventual job placements.

We also work with Organizations to identify skill gaps within their current staff structure and provide the training that they need in order to fill this gap.

We have curated a host of courses centered around relational database management systems which will take anyone from novice to Database Admin in only a couple of months. Our specialties include SQL Server database Administration, Azure DB Admin, Computer Basics, Cloud Computing, AWS Solutions Architect and Scrum Master.

With JOINIT Solutions, you’ll get the best instructors in the field using real life work scenarios to transform you into world class IT professionals.