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Our online instructor-led classes will take you from an absolute beginner to a professional in various areas. Check our courses beginning in January 2024 below to get started.

MSSQL Server Hands-on Database Administration

This course content has been carefully design to take the students from an absolute beginner level to an expert SQL Server DBA, with a strong focus on hand …     Read More

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Cloud Computing: Azure Databases Administration

This expansive, informative, well-paced, and rewarding instructor-led course introduces trainees to the fast-growing Cloud Computing ecosystem…     Read More

Combine AWS and DevOps Course

We offer an AWS six-months training to prepare IT career aspirants for four career options within the Cloud Space. Our training package prepares you for…    Read More

Scrum Master Offered in Cameroon

The Scrum Master Training Course is a comprehensive program that covers the fundamental principles and practices of Scrum, a widely adopted agile framework for…     Read More

Data Analysis

Discover the art of data preparation and transformation, enabling you to import, clean, and shape data from diverse sources efficiently…  Read More

Database Development

Database development refers to the process of designing, creating, and implementing a database……     Read More


“It takes patience, endurance, and talent to be a teacher, but at JoinIT you guys make it look so easy day after day. I hope you know just how much we…” Read On

Desmond Che

“I enjoy working with computers, and from the first week of class I learned the structure of computers from hardware to software…” Read On

Solomon Nfor

“The teaching and learning method that works best for me is hands-on which I’m happy because it is exactly what you are offering…” Read On

Linette Ndansak

“With support and guidance from JoinIT Solutions, I was able to succeed in my MCSA Exam at the very first attempt. So what are you waiting for…” Read On

Jaivis T. Sama