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Dr. Solomon Nfor

JoinIT Solutions – Graduate

The growth of a successful business venture can be measured in the success of its products and the happiness within the team.

On both fronts, you have succeeded!!
The vision and sustainability however fall fully on its CEO. That I can testify you are on the right path and exceeding all expectations. I will never forget what you have done for me and my family. You know how I feel about JOINIT.

It’s now an official partner with my foundation and every semester you or one of your instructors will be a guest speaker in all my classes to spread the word.
Together we will deliver the first African Silicon Valley

Dr. Solomon Nfor
Senior DBA

About us

JOINIT Solutions LLC is an IT Consultancy specialized in bridging the IT Gap by supporting individuals in starting or developing a career in IT and offering advanced IT services that enable organizations and small businesses to transform their operations through innovative IT solutions and leverage our networks to find and recruit top IT talents.

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