Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is a Database Administrator (DBA)

Database Administrator (DBA) is usually described as an IT professional who manages databases which includes installing relational database software such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, etc. Provisions users’ access to the databases, secures data, monitors and tunes database performance, disaster recovery, etc. as a full-time employee.

Depending on the organization where you work, the Database Administrators work as a member of the IT Operations Team, the Application Support Team, or part of the Software Development Team working with Programmers Developers. Regardless of the team, DBAs usually interact with all other IT teams and often with the business as well.

Can I Become A DBA With No IT Background?

At JoinIT Solutions, our training is tailored exactly for people with ZERO IT knowledge. With multiple years of experience teaching students, we have developed, tested, and proven the formula for getting you from 0 to a seasoned DBA in less than 6 months. You can see trainee testimonials from our website Even if you have never held a computer in your hand, this training is exactly for you. the first two weeks of training are focused on computer basics and the IT environment in general.

What training Materials Required?

For the training materials, all you need are a computer with the following specifications:

Windows 10 Operating system (Core i5 or i7 (i7 preferred))

At least 500 GB of Storage (1000GB preferred)

An Extra Monitor with an HDMI cable to connect the monitor to your laptop

When Is The Next Training Starting?

We have training that commences every 2-3 months. Our next training course date commences on

How Long is the Training?

The duration of the training is 6 Calendar Months. However, after the training, while in the Job market, we transition you into a 3 months intensive interview preparation with more hands-on training at no cost. This has been a game changer. Most of our trainees get jobs withing 3 months. Those who have Jobs, are then transitioned into the JoinIT Alumni group made up of already working DBAs. This group is always on high alert to help any new dba with a task at work. In Summary, our training is continuous and we are more of an IT community than just a training school

If I Start The Training And For Some Reason Can't Complete, What happens?

We understand that in life, it is never a straight line. This is why any trainee that drops out of training will get the chance to attend the next training session. Any amount paid is carried over to the next session. The reason for the drop is irrelevant. We are very flexible in accommodating all of our trainees.

What Is The Success Rate Of Joinit Solutions?

Our success rate cannot only be measured by the fantastic numbers we boast of but also the immense goodwill we have amongst trainees, and their friends and family. We have

70% Graduation Rate

100% Microsoft Certification Pass Rate

85% Hiring Rate. Check out our Trainee Testimonials on our website and Social Media pages

Do I Need A College Degree?

A college degree is good to have but not a do or die for most companies. In IT, your skill and ability always come first when compared with your degrees and/or certificates. Having a college degree gives you an edge but knowing the information is key.

How Do I Register?

1Registration should be done online through our website

Follow this link to join the next session Whatsapp group.

Send a message to 12109937190

Are Certifications Provided?

We Do Not Give Certifications After The Training, But During And After The Training, We Help To Prepare Our Students To Write Microsoft Certifications which Is The Highest Certification You Can Get In The Industry. None Of Our Students Have Ever Failed. Besides This, We Stay Very Close With Every Student, Supporting Them To Prepare Their Resumes And Exposing Them To The Secrets Of Taking Interviews Successfully, Hence The Reason Why Our Students Start Picking Up Jobs As From 4months Into The Training.

What Is The Class Schedule Like?

The Class Schedule Is Normally Announced A Month Before The Training Start Date To Give Our Trainees Time To Prepare Before Starting Classes. Just So You Have An Idea, Regular Classes are held twice a week, 3 hours a class. Revision Classes are held once a week, for 3 hours. Classes are held Weekdays And Weekends. Week day classes start and end anytime between 7:00PM – 11:00PM CST. Weekend classes are held on Saturdays between 8:00AM – 2:00PM. Your class schedule shall be made available a month before class start date

Depending on the organization where you work, the Database Administrators work as a member of the IT Operations Team, the Application Support Team, or part of the Software Development Team working with Programmers Developers. Regardless of the team, DBAs usually interact with all other IT teams and often with the business as well.

Are The Revision Classes Mandatory?

We Encourage Everyone To Attend The Revision Classes As An Opportunity To Better Understand What Was Taught During The Week. However, The Class Is Not Mandatory During The First 4 Months Of Training. Moving Into The Last 2 Months, YES.

What If I Don't Attend A Class, How Do I Catch Up?

All classes are online via Zoom. Classes are recorded so that every trainee gets a chance to watch the videos of the class they missed. Revision classes are also held Once a week to aid trainees in catching up with the class they missed before getting into the topics for the new week.

What Are Some Of The Points That Can Help Me Succeed?

First and most importantly, GettingStarted. This is the first step to success in this course. Secondly, being 100% committed to the course material and the knowledge you are getting from Instructors. Most trainees are professionals and have several distractions but the trainee who excels is one who manages their time and sacrifices 6 months to make a better future for themselves. Additionally, active class participation is key, group work and research. With these things, your success is guaranteed! At JoinIT, we are passionate about your success more than you are. Our word is our bond.

What Are The Most Challenging Encountered By Most Students During And After The Training?

Most of the challenges students face do not come from the course structure or information but from other external factors. We urge our students to make a decision of commitment before they start this course. 6 months may seem like a long time but it is no time at all to concentrate and study to get into a career that will not only uplift you but uplift your family. So before you commence this course, it is important you have this at the back of your mind. Remember, this is a professional course that will be giving you 4+ years of information and demo in 6 months. You have to be READY!

How do I study?

All our trainees get Free study materials that include amongst others; Textbooks(softcopy), Websites, Software, and Online Blogs. These things are essential in Database Administration. Before and after a topic is taught, it is introduced in the form of Online Websites and Textbooks for the students to get familiarized with. This helps give the students some beforehand experience with some of the terms that get taught in class. Demonstrations are done in every single class by not only the instructors but the Students as well. Group work is key for this course. Remember in an IT team, you will be working in groups constantly.

Shall JoinIT Provide Study Materials Such As Notes, Text Book, Software?

Notes, Textbooks, Software, and Previous Class videos amongst others will be provided to all of our Trainees. In JoinIT Solutions, we do not only teach you but show you how you can get information from the plethora of resources we have out there.

How Much Is the Training Fee?

The training fee is 3,000USD for those in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia and 80% off for those outside of these listed countries

Can I Pay the Training Fee Monthly?

Initial Registration and the First 2 Weeks of the training is completely Free of Charge. This means You are under No Financial Obligation during this period to go ahead and make payments for the course. We do this so that you start the course and ensure that you like the information you are getting, and it is a field you would like to get into. Note, so far 99% of those who start the 2 weeks do continue with the course. Quality is our watchword as we concentrate on our trainees and make sure the Instructor to Trainee ratio is always a balanced one.

After 2 weeks, registration is required to continue. An initial registration fee is always required for each trainee which is always 750USD.

A monthly payment plan can be arranged after that where trainees pay 450USD monthly to meet the training fee of $3000

After Completing the Training, What Is The Possibility For Me To Get A Job?

We assist our trainees In Resume Building, Interview Preparation, and On Job Support, unlike most other institutions.

After 6 Months Of Training, We Transition Our Trainees Into Our Interview Preparation Class.

We Won’t Let You Go After 6 Months As Other Institutions Do. You Stay With Us And Attend Classes While In The Job Market At No Cost.

Our Methodology Is Second To None. Reason Why Our Trainees Get Jobs 4 Months Into Training.

All Our Instructors Are Microsoft Certified Trainers With Years Of Experience In The Field.

Will I Get Help With Interview Preparation?

Definitely! We will be with you every step of the way until you get to the office. Even after that, we are there with you every step of the way. JoinIT Solutions is a growing community of seasoned and new Database Administrators in On-premise and Cloud technologies, System Administrators, Developers, Network Engineers, and many more who will always lend their input to aid you in whatever career you have may find yourself in as you get into IT.

What About My Resume? I Don't Have Any

We assist and work with our students on Resume Building and how to answer questions from Day 1. No Resume? No problem. We will work with you on this every step of the way.

If I Get Hired, Will JoinIT Solutions Help Me Keep My Job? If So, How Much Will I Pay?

If there is one of the most important places we stand out from other institutions out there, it is the On Job Support we provide to our students. Got a ticket at work to do something important, an instructor is just a call away to assist you to fix the issue. Need clarification on something at work? Just drop a message on any of our platforms and get a response in minutes from someone who has gone through the same thing before. On Job, Support is something we take great pride in. We guarantee you, we will not only take you there but stay with you as you navigate your job as a DBA.

Can I Work Without Certifications?

Yes Please. Some Of Our Trainees Who Are Now Working Have Never Taken These Certifications.