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Project Management

We understand that sometimes, due to inadequate technical expertise, you may have a project which you’ll need to realize but do not always understand what it takes to realize that project, who to turn to, or what method will yield the most efficient result. This is where we come in.

Through our Project Management service, we can take on and manage any IT related project you or your organization needs to execute from the conception, to selecting the most adequate service providers to follow up to ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget.

We handle projects such as getting a new website or mobile application for your organization, moving to the Cloud, upgrading your entire Database Management system and more.

Website and Application Development

Whether you’re a professional selling your skills and knowledge or you’re an organization selling products and services, your online presence has a massive impact on your success and since in this day and age, most people will visit your website before making a decision, creating and maintaining a strong online presence must be top on the list of how you generate revenue.

With our expertise and a wide network of industry-leading partners, we can lead any Website or Application development project to ensure that it is built to fit its purpose by planning, sourcing for the most competent resources, implementing and reviewing every step of the process to ensure that it is completed within the most efficient timelines and budgets.

Our experts understand that it takes an average person 0.5s to decide if they like your website or not and since there are billions of resources on the web, it is imperative that it is built to capture and keep visitors. The goal is not only to have a website but a quality website that shows your strengths and helps you convert visitors to customers.

Whether you’re building a website or a mobile application, you will only have to share your vision and objectives with us and let us bring it to life for you.

Whatever reason has been holding you back from pursuing your website or application needs, our team of experienced web and application developers are here to address them.

Cloud Migration

As a primarily data-driven company, we have a deep understanding of the need for everyone who creates or manages any form of data to embrace to cloud revolution for cloud is the present and the future.

With over 10years of experience in Cloud technologies, we can work with you to completely move your data and processes to the cloud where you will unlock upgraded speeds, greater team collaboration, enhanced data security/backup and most efficient costs.

The goal is to help you spend less while enjoying the peace of mind which comes with faster work, security and better collaboration within your team.

Database Management

Organizations who are already leveraging Database Management systems can testify to its sheer power when it comes to helping users share data quickly, effectively, and securely across the organization.

With an incredibly rich DBA team of experts, we work with organizations to either set up an effective database management system, upgrade and maintain their existing systems, migrate their data to more efficient and cost-effective database management systems and setting up HADR solutions for their databases.

As organizations grow, so does its data and consequently the need for experts to not only ensure the organization is using the best technologies out there, but to also protect this dat against loss and anticipate and prepare for future system needs.