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About Us

JoinIT Solutions is an IT Consultancy specialising in bridging the IT Gap by supporting individuals in starting or developing a career in IT and offering advanced IT services that enable organizations and small businesses to transform their operations through innovative IT solutions and leverage our networks to find and recruit top IT talents.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to train and equip IT professionals with cutting-edge skills that are needed to survive and thrive in the fast-changing IT economy and to provide organizations with skills and solutions that will drive innovation and operational excellence.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading gateway for IT Solutions  and Skill Development for Organizations and professionals in the world.

Our Values (RIPE)


Our word is our bond, so every member of our team commits to be fully dedicated to and available for our clients’ needs.


We are trailblazers committed to bringing excellence and creativity to the solutions we provide for our clients.


We always put the job first and commit to living up to and exceeding industry standards.


We are committed to being the best and being at the forefront of innovations within the industry.

why choose us

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With a combined working and consulting experience of over 15years in some of the biggest IT organizations in the US, we understand what it takes for organizations to exploit the power of IT and Database Management. We have seen it all and We walk the talk.

We have currently trained and placed over [50] Database Administrators in over [20] organizations across the country with a current average cohort employment rate of [75%].

We are committed to creating a community of dedicated IT professionals and IT powered organizations who are focused and serious about becoming the best they can be in their respective fields and in turn committed to helping us creating a better, more efficient world.

Our workflow is smooth, our training is tailor-made and fast paced, our team is exceptionally qualified and our passion is unmatched.

We understand how intimidating and sometimes scary it can be beginning an IT Career. That is why our team is committed to working with individuals who are interested in taking advantage of the vast opportunities that an IT career can present to them.

We also understand that while IT continues to change at an incredibly fast rate, a lot of organizations are still struggling with keeping up with industry standards, maintaining stellar databases, exploiting opportunities in IT and finding the time and effort it takes to search for, recruit and train the right persons for the right positions.

Through our services and activities, we orientate individuals who are starting or considering starting an IT Career on what direction will best suit their interests and capabilities. We also commit to mentoring the people we train and work with as they grow in their careers.

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Who we are

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Our services include IT Training, Consulting, Project Management and Staffing IT Organizations.

We are innovators, trainers and professionals who take pride in creating and proposing cutting edge Database Management solutions for organizations that are not yet maximizing the incredible power of Data for analytics and sound decision making, while accompanying individuals on their journey to acquire and develop the skills that are required by every forward-thinking organization around the world today.

Driven by our experts’ desire to be a vital part of the IT revolution that continues to sweep across the world, JOINIT has accumulated years of learning, researching and testing the most innovative ways through which organizations and individuals can leverage Information Technology to outperform their competition, innovate and scale. We have identified key areas through which everyone can transform their lives using IT and consequently how we, as society, can drive growth within the key areas of the world’s economy.

JOINIT Solutions LLC is an IT Consultancy working to enable organizations unlock incredible scale through IT innovations and bridging the IT Gap through innovative IT solutions by training and supporting individuals in starting or developing an IT career, staffing and accompanying organizations through complex IT projects.

Through our Expert IT Training, our team of professionals do not only train individuals with the skills they need to thrive today, we also create and sustain a network through which organizations can find the right skill fit for their employment needs and trained IT specialists can find and keep the most satisfying jobs in the IT Market.
Our Vision is rooted in our understanding of the need for Organizations to stay at the forefront of innovation and how they continue to lose a lot of time and money because they haven’t fully embraced the possibilities that abound with properly utilizing excellent IT infrastructures, in how people continuously lose jobs because they are unable to keep up with the disruption caused by IT innovations and how others are being forced into following different fields that are not suited for them just to make ends meet.

As experts in relational Database management systems, our work is geared towards facilitating the acquisition of its knowledge and its implementation in solving real world problems.

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