Frequently Asked Questions UB

What does this Partnership Entail?

Through this partnership, JoinIT Solutions will offer hands-on instructor-led training in Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration to trainees in Cameroon enrolled under the College of Technology of The University of Buea.

What is the duration of the training?

6 months

Is this training Online or on Campus?

The training is 100% online. Trainees can only go to the campus for ceremonies or end of course project presentation

How do I apply?
You can submit your application online via JoinIT Solutions website by clicking on [Apply] or go to the College of Technology in Buea and fill a paper application
Who can take this training?

You should be at least 18 years old and holder of at least GCE Advanced Level Certificate or its equivalent in any field.

Do I need to have an IT background to take this training?

No. No previous IT knowledge is required. But a basic computer knowledge will be of added value.

Can I take this training if I am out of Cameroon?

No. This training is highly subsidized and just for people resident in Cameroon. JoinIT Solutions has training that it runs for people out of Cameroon.

How much is the tuition?

Fees for this training is 300000 CFAF for now plus a registration fee of 10000 CFAF.

When are fees due?

At least half of the fees plus registration fee (160000 CFAF) must be paid before the first day of classes. The balance needs to be paid in full at most 3 months into the training.

How do I pay my fees?

After submitting your application, you will get an email from JoinIT Solutions on how to pay your fees if your application is accepted.

Will I be awarded an Attestation or a Certificate at the end of the Training?

Yes. The College of Technology will award an end of Course Certificate to all successful candidates. Also, trainees can register for and write the Microsoft Certification in Database Administration (DP-300).

How are classes organized?

Classes are instructor-led and held via live zoom meetings and all classes are recorded. Trainees can download these recorded videos and go through them  if they missed a class.

Are there any hardware or software requirements to take this training?

Yes. Below are the computer specifications for this training:

– A computer with the Windows 10 or 11 PRO Operating system

– 16 GB RAM 

– 500 GB Storage

– Second monitor (External Monitor)

– Mouse

– Good internet connection (We recommend you get a Wi-Fi box. Mobile Hotspot is not stable and reliable).

When are classes scheduled and what is the duration of classes?

Classes are organized 3 days a week. Days of the week shall be determined  before the start of each session

At what time are classes organized?

3am-6am. This time has been selected because that is the time during which internet connection is most stable is Cameroon

Can I take this training if I am working?

Yes. The training is highly recommended for those already working and looking forward to beginning a career in IT or changing a career in IT. Class time is designed to accommodate those working

What career opportunities are available upon completion of this training?

Upon completion, trainees will be equipped with the necessary skills to apply and pick up Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Jobs as well as other data related jobs such as Data analysts, Database Developers, Database Architects and Microsoft Azure Database Administrator roles in both local and international companies.

Is there a discussion group for people looking forward to joining the training?

Yes. You can join our WhatsApp group to keep up to date by clicking on this link [WhatsApp]

Is there any follow-up of trainees after the 6 months training?

Yes. At the end of your 6 months training, JoinIT Solutions places all its trainees in specialized interview prep classes until they get a job. Also, JoinIT Solution instructors are always very handy and willing to provide on the job assistance if you need assistance with completing a task at work. The interview prep class will drill you on how to make your resume outstanding and how to tackle interviews.

Who are those teaching this program?

JoinIT Solution instructors are seasoned Database Administrators working with Fortune 500 companies in the USA. We also have a team of Instructor-Assistants and Mentors that will assist the trainees throughout their stay in JoinIT solutions.