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Over the years, the issue of gender inequality and imbalance has made news headlines. Women have been regarded as the weaker population and exempted from some works of life. This is the case with the IT space where it is considered a male dominated field.

The women themselves, can be held accountable for this as cultural beliefs have made them minimize their efforts and think that some things are not meant for them. Sometimes when I encourage my fellow woman to join the ICT workspace, the responses are so depressing as you hear things like, they don’t have the intellectual capacity to face the technology or they do not have time to keep up with the ever-changing technology and that, ICT is a man’s thing.
The wind of change has fast blown and we see more women representing different works of life including IT. There is no doubt that women are overcoming the stigma and taking up amazing roles and responsibilities in the IT work space. JoinIT is constantly, welcoming, encouraging, nurturing and motivating women in the IT space. This is reflected in their results as women are taking the lead up the success ladder.

In the first half of 2023, we have had 25 trainees accross 4 countries pick up roles in IT. JoinIT has successfully pushed 12 new DBAs Since April 2023 into the US Economy. Of the 12 trainees who had jobs in the months of April, May and June, 7 of them are WOMEN. These trainees who started as absolute beginners have worked hard, stayed consistent, dedicated time towards the training despite various challenges than can arise from work schedules and motherhood.

From the classroom attendance to the success rate, there is no doubt that the future of Women in IT is bright. We have all it takes to help you get started and secure a place in the IT space.

Barbara F
– Msc. Information and communication technology
– Microsoft Certified trainer, SQL Server database administration