1. You are exempted from registration fees (35000FCFA) for, and writing of a highly selective competitive entrance examination as condition precedence for admission into the Prestigious college of Technology of the University of Buea (with an over 80% probability of those in the arts not succeeding-obviously). Our recommendation alone, and to you in our program, is your safe access 🔑.

2. It is now a certification program . This means, in addition to your hands-on skills developed through JoinIT Solution’s advanced curriculum, you are to earn a certificate upon completion, which shall be awarded to you by the College of Technology, University of Buea.

3. You are now not only having handy, the job recruitment requirements of the outside world alone, but also of Cameroon, (certificate based economy). Your skills will have been “endorsed” nationally by the fact that, you now have a certificate from the University of Buea, a national Institution.

4.We have, by this partnership, furthered our intention to proof our credibility, and the integrity of this lucrative skill-based program, especially to persons with the least of doubts about our genuineness. Follow the testimonies from our Alumni for more of such, and be the next big Story, as another assurance to the next batch.

Take Notice :The new payment schedule is one of the major conditions we needed to painfully comply with, for your sake, seeing all these benefits you will immediately be opened to, upon effective completion of your course with us.