(Job available, salary, easy and user friendly)

As mentioned above, MSSQL is one of the most used RDBMS in the world. There are several reasons why MSSQL DBA positions are one of the most available on hiring sites like Indeed. Positions open up everyday with very lucrative salaries for these SQL Server DBAs with companies scrambling over them.

Popularly known only as SQL Server, it is the most user friendly RDBMS available out there. This is its biggest advantage over close competitors Oracle and MySQL. It boasts a GUI that is very simple and relatively easy to navigate. Organizations tend to find this very appealing. This leads to a higher job availability for SQL Server DBAs.

SQL Server is much more affordable, thus, many small to medium sized organizations tend to use it as their database software of choice. You can find the low end editions of SQL Server at very cheap prices which will still pack on some key features needed by most organizations around the world.

The most popular PCs in the world run on Windows and the most popular servers run on Windows Server Operating systems. SQL Server being a Microsoft product is heavily optimized to work extremely well on windows operating systems. This is another reason why SQL Server is preferred over others and why SQL Server DBAs are highly sought after.

One word ‘Support’. Many DBAs attest to the fact that SQL Server (especially the Enterprise version) receives great support from Microsoft when called upon. This goes a long way to help the DBA in the administration of his tasks.

DBA salary packages are very high in today’s job market. With the steady and constant growth in the number of companies and organizations all over the world, there is a growing need for DBAs that is just not being met. According to Glass door, DBA salaries average $60,000 – $100,000 annually in the USA. This has led to a rise in DBA salaries over the years that still continues to rise till this day.


“A.N is a SQL Server Database Administrator, who is passionate, driven and curious about all things IT. Making a switch from his Career in Finance a long time ago, he is determined to acquire new skills that set him apart in this fast paced, knowledge driven Data era. As ‘Data is the New Oil’ – Clive Humbly,2006′, it is paramount we understand it, manage it and learn how to properly interpret this data”