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JoinIT Solutions – Graduate

I count myself fortunate to be part of this wonderful family – JOINIT SOLUTIONS. By being part of this family, I was able to tap into the resources you’ve put in place and move fast and not bother about trying to reinvent the wheel. Your training is like a full course meal – it touches everything that a fresher needs to get into IT and land a job as a DBA in 6 months, from the way the lectures are organized to the way the instructors deliver the materials.

The instructors are quite knowledgeable, and their use of real-life examples means that there are many scenarios one can tweak and use. So, to all instructors, I say THANK YOU.

I want to thank my mates too, for the time we spent doing group work – your feedback was quite helpful. For those applying and for those who haven’t started yet, I encourage you to use the resources available – don’t just watch the video lectures, read notes, but watch them and make your own notes.

Again, I say THANK YOU!

Graduate JoinIT Solutions 

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JOINIT Solutions LLC is an IT Consultancy specialized in bridging the IT Gap by supporting individuals in starting or developing a career in IT and offering advanced IT services that enable organizations and small businesses to transform their operations through innovative IT solutions.

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