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Silas N

JoinIT Solutions – Graduate

I count myself fortunate to be part of this wonderful family – JOIN IT SOLUTIONS. I was able to tap into the resources they’ve put in place and move fast and not bother about trying to reinvent the wheel. Their training is structured in such a way that one gets to touch on different aspects that molds one into becoming job-ready in just 6months. For example, the instructors are well knowledgeable with varying backgrounds and experiences, lectures are very interactive and hands-on, you get to work in teams early on and there’s a mentorship program to guide you through, even after you’ve obtained a job.

Working as a DBA or any other profession, you must communicate with people, so you must talk. Going past interviews too, you must be able to communicate knowledge acquired in a way that is convincing. At JOIN IT, particular attention is given to those as well, so at the end of your training, you’ll be very confident taking interviews.

Whether you’re new to Information Technology or a working professional, JOINT IT SOLUTIONS has got something for you.

Silas N
MS SQL DBA Engineer/Azure Professional | AZ900

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JOINIT Solutions LLC is an IT Consultancy specialized in bridging the IT Gap by supporting individuals in starting or developing a career in IT and offering advanced IT services that enable organizations and small businesses to transform their operations through innovative IT solutions and leverage our networks to find and recruit top IT talents.

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