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MSSQL Database administration townhall

Aspiring DBAs,

By now we are positive you have all heard of the DBA course. Be it from friends, family, or from JoinIT Solutions Social Media platforms. Some of you have made that decision already and some are still pondering with many questions such as

– What is the class schedule?
– How is the training structured?
– What is database administration?
– How realistic is it to secure a job?
– Why should I take the training at JoinIT Solutions?
– Can I make it through and secure a Job with no IT knowledge?
– What career path should I consider after the training?

First of all, know that this is a great decision you are taking to get into IT through our hands-on Database Administration Training. We encourage you to prioritize this goal for 2021. Just #Getstarted.

As we get closer to our course Start Date – October 30th, 2021, we are announcing our DBA Town Hall Event where all your questions will be answered and then some.

On Saturday, September 25th, 2021, 11:00 AM **CST participate in our scheduled DBA Townhall Event where all these questions will be answered.

It shall be a Zoom Meeting so you can log in from any location and via phone as well.

We implore you to make it a priority to attend this town hall.

There is an IT wave hitting the community. Do not wait. Get started today!!!!!!

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