It’s another weekend rendez-vous here at JoinIT and we bring you the slot of the week.

Last week’s propaganda here at JoinIT was ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER’. You may want to know that this phrase was written for the first time in 1668 by Thomas Hobbes who was secretary to sir Francis Bacon.

According to their theorem, the more you know , the more you’ll be able to control events and the space around you.

With knowledge and/or Education, one’s potential or ability to succeed in the pursuits of one’s objectives will certainly increase.

Knowledge is power, power provides information, and information leads to education. Ofcourse education breeds wisdom and wisdom is LIBERATION, the secret of JoinIT’s crescendo.

The teacher is the best source of knowledge transmission. No doubt JoinIT Solutions got the best teachers, teacher assistants, mentors, interview prep experts and what have you.

By this we are transmitting the idea that HAVING AND SHARING KNOWLEDGE IS THE CORNERSTONE OF REPUTATION AND INFLUENCE, and therefore power, all achievement emanate from this.

Popular opinions out there congratulate JoinIT Solutions for this and we have received so many recognitions both internally and externally, thanks to the interview prep team.

There are a lot of IT institutions around the hood. But some have very little or nothing to show in terms of Training, Mentoring, Résumé Building, Interview prep, talkless of the number of trainees who end up securing Jobs. Do you know that to take the training is one thing, staying consistently focused, oriented, or even knowing how to introduce yourself to recruiters is an uphill task?

At JoinIT, there’s continuous follow- up and that’s why we have a huge success rate. Working without play makes Jack a dull boy. Permit me here to let the cat out of the bag as we officially bring to the limelight the entire JOINIT SOLUTIONS INTERVIEW PREP TEAM headed by Sr DBA, Backend Master planner, the troubleshooting Micro chip expert, with both GUI and T-SQL editorial skills and Trainee success coordinator in the person of Emmanuel Galabe.

His team consisting of Chi B, Gislain F, James T, Arlnorld, Vera K, Desmond A, Elerno N, Moise N, Stephane T, all graduates of JoinIT Solutions and seasoned Sr. SQL Server Database Administrators is formidable. How they do it only God alone knows. They are frustration extraction experts, especially from our trainees after they complete the training and transition into the job market.

From JoinIT solutions to the entire interview prep team, we say BRAVO BRAVO AND BRAVO!!!