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Database Management

‘Data is the new gold’ – Clive Humbly, 2006.

Data continues to play an extremely vital role in today’s fast-paced and completely digitalized world. Organizations collect, analyze and interpret Petabytes (PB) of data daily, quarterly, and annually to bring forth innovative solutions that ameliorate our everyday lives.

How this Data is collected, stored, maintained, analyzed, secured, and utilized for decision making is just as vital as the data itself. This is where Database Administrators come in but First, what is a Database?

A database is a container that stores properly collected and organized information so it can be easily accessed and updated usually on a computerized system. In simplest terms, databases can be any collection of information that you want such as names of books, students in a school, and employees in a company arranged to be easily read and updated by an organization or its clients.

Database administrators (DBAs), the people responsible for an organization’s data storage and organization, are a key component of a company’s data management. Responsible for the Management and Security of this data, it puts them at the forefront, thus, making them very essential to a company’s survival. This can be clearly seen as fewer DBAs lost their jobs in the USA during the 2020 Covid -19 Pandemic compared to other careers in IT and in the general workforce.

At JoinIT Solutions, we have several training courses for different on-premises (Offline) Database Management Systems (DBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server and Cloud Platforms (Online) such as Microsoft AZURE. There exists a host of DBMS with different features ranging from absolutely free and simple software to sophisticated expensive ones out there which organizations can choose from. A good DBA makes these choices based on the needs of the organization, the features, the budget, data to be analyzed, and a whole host of things. Take a look at our Blog Post here for more on DBMS’.
We offer unrivaled SQL Server Database Administration training that takes people with no IT skills to Expert SQL Professional DBAs in less than 6 months.

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