AN, MCSA - Facilitator

Alain Nfor, MCSA, is a SQL Server Database Administrator, who is passionate, driven and curious about all things IT. With a BSc in Accounting, IT has been a passion he has nurtured for years and that led him into the world of Database Administration. Alongside his plethora of skills, he is determined to acquire new skills that set him apart in this fast paced, knowledge driven Data era. As 'Data is the New Oil' - Clive Humbly,2006', it is paramount we understand it, manage it and learn how to properly interpret it.

With a knack for teaching, tutoring and aiding others who are looking to enter into this field, Join IT Solutions offers him the perfect platform to nurture the skills he posseses and learn new ones as he encourages, mentors and guides trainees on staying focused and keeping up with their training.