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Training Agreement

This Training Course agreement is made between JoinITSolutions LLC and the Trainee, whose name is entered above. The trainee hereby acknowledges full participation in the JoinITSolutions LLC online Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Training for a duration of six (6) to seven (7) months, two (2) days a week, and a total of approximately two hundred (200) hours of hands on training. Considering the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties set forth below, the Parties agree to the following responsibilities

Training Fees Agreement

The trainee hereby agrees to a pay non-refundable training registration fee of $750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty US Dollars), within the first two weeks of training. The remaining balance of $2000 (Two thousand US Dollars) can be paid in installments of $500 (five hundred US dollars) monthly, not later than the 20th day of each month. However, the balance can be paid in full within the first month of the training. Payments shall be made through a bank account provided by JoinITSolutions LLC. Please sign with your full names below *

Trainees commitment

The trainee hereby agrees to attend all training sessions, participate in group works, complete all assignments, and projects throughout the training. •The trainee also agrees not to redistribute or share training materials without the written consent of JoinITSolutions LLC. •The trainee also agrees to pay their training fees as outline in the training fee agreement *

JoinITSolutions LLC commitment

JoinITSolutions LLC will provide the course syllabus, guidance on acquiring the software, books, and resources necessary for the training. Classes will be video recorded, shared with students and if necessary, uploaded in the JoinITSolutions LLC social medial channels. JoinITSolutions LLC will provide the guidance, interview preparation, and follow up throughout the training. *

Dispute Arising out of this Agreement

The parties agree to use all reasonable means to amicably resolve in good faith any dispute or controversy arising out of this Afreement *